Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tromsø forward

Well, it's been a busy month! 

The Tromsø exhibition has been created and installed - just a couple of days after completing our Svalbard sojourn. Now we can begin to sift through our material and give you highlights of the sail and some favorite observations about this special northern region. We've been a little slow to get started since the demise of Cheryl's computer left us sharing one - juggling sound, video and photo editing, archiving, and transmitting the rare email home. Our days were long getting everything accomplished, and we crashed to sleep midnights and later, leaving the blog untouched. 

But from just a few days in Longyearbyen and Tromsø we put together a bang-up installation! Inspired by the majestic Monaco Glacier and Liefdefjord full of melodious ice, we created Monacobreen fom video, composed audio, a few borrowed Norwegian rocks, and a little bit of paint. Sandwiched between two fabulous pieces by Elin Øyen Vister on birds and their soundscape in Røst, we created a dynamic presentation of natural spaces special to northern Norway. More on the installation and performance by Cheryl and Elin to come.

Cheryl is off to perform in Regensburg, Germany, and I am heading home. 

Sitting in the Trondhem airport with hours before my flight to Oslo gives me the chance to thank everyone who helped make this first phase of Adfreeze Project possible: Aaron O'Conner and The Arctic Circle 2011 residency; the crew of the Antigua; our Spitsbergen guides Karin, Michele, Jan and Ingunn; Galleri Svalbard; the Insomnia Festival for Future Music and Techno Culture; Kurant Gallery - Kristin, Susannah, Christian, Anders and Maria; Elin Øyen Vister; and all our generous supporters and well-wishers.

– Oona

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